Dance Styles

da transition – ages three and a half to four and a half (40 mins)

Using themes and stories the children learn basic dance movements through imaginative play.  This builds up confidence, improves coordination and helps with social skills.  Musical instruments and props are also used.  As the class becomes more structured, the pupils develop their creative skills through ballet, mime and improvisation.

Pre-Primary & Primary (50/60 minutes)

When the children are 5 years old they move into the Pre-Primary class and begin to follow the RAD syllabus. These classes last 50 minutes and are a mixture of ballet, free movement and mime. Stretching classes are enjoyed and movement to increase strength and stamina are also included

The Pre-Primary class award is normally taken when the child is 6 years old plus

When the children are aged 6-7 years, the Primary class builds up from the Pre-Primary class with more challenging dance material suitable for this age group. The children can take a class award or examination at this level

Grade 1

These classes last one hour and include ballet, and some national steps which are called “character” ages 7 years and above

Grades 2 to 8

These grades last one hour and are taken twice weekly. Exceptions to this are made after discussion with the parent and teacher, when only one class per week can be taken. Character is also included. These grades build up on the previous grades by increasing good posture, use of feet, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, musical awareness and use of space. Body alignment is also stressed

Grade 6 to 8 are primarily about the joy of dancing as expressed through performance and communication. Students can relate their class work to well-known ballets and present it in a much more theatrical way

Vocational syllabii

If, at the age of 12 or 13, your child wishes to train more seriously they may follow the major course of study. This means an additional 2 classes per week on top of their current grade level

The first course is Intermediate foundation, designed to last about 2 years for the average student. This examination must be taken after the age of 11 and it includes pointe work for the first time

Intermediate is the first of the compulsory exams for which the candidate must be 12 years old or older. The next levels are Advanced Foundation, Advanced I and Advanced II

Once a student has passed their Grade 6 level or intermediate, they become Student members of the RAD. Following Advanced I they become full members of the RAD on payment of subscriptions.


The classical work is the foundation stone and the most important part of the graded syllabi.The class now follows the structure of a ballet class and the children learn more vocabulary and technical steps


Character is the theatrical presentation of national dance using original ethnic dance and music which has been freely adapted for the theatre

There are three styles – Hungarian, Russian and Polish. They were selected because of their historical importance in the development of the traditional full-length classical ballet


This class offers an introduction to contemporary dance movement. Contemporary is a self expressive and creative class drawing on elements from contemporary technique. “da” dance moves, is a performance-based group.

Modern Theatre Dance ISTD Grades

Develops co-ordination and rhythm through floorwork, travelling sequences and routines. Pupils work towards their graded examinations, increasing their knowledge of jazz vocabulary”

da little dance (ages 4 – 6)

An introduction to dance styles offering a combination of pre primary tap, primary modern and street routines

da junior street (ages 7+)

Children will learn street routines, using latest song tracks and steps that you have seen on “Got to Dance” and “So you think you can dance”.  Boys will love these classes and the classes are a perfect addition to the regular

technical classes of ballet/modern and tap.

Teen Street Jazz/ISTD Jazz Awards

Learn music video-style routines using current chart music.

Tap (age 5 upwards)

These classes start at Pre-Primary aged 4 years old upwards and children may work towards an exam grade. It is an American style tap – rhythm based with a Fred Astaire flair. Children love the sound of their tap shoes and the rhythms that they make. Routines are learnt using pop tunes as well as jazz and blues music

Open adult classes

Please enquire for details of adult classes currently being run.